“I never fail to be amazed by the number of would be self-employed who engage in unprotected entrepreneurism without elementary safeguards against risk and failure.

If only they had Paul E. Casey’s Is Self-Employment for You?. This book is an essential guide for anyone contemplating starting a new business. Casey covers it all, from lifestyle change to managing the checkbook. The distillation of knowledge, wisdom, and experience presented in Casey’s call-it-as-he-sees it style is a must addition to any budding entrepreneur’s library. Don't start a business without it.”

Alf Nucifora
Nucifora Consulting Group

“I like Paul E. Casey’s book and I have recommended it numerous times since first reading it. Casey writes from his own experience as a self-employed business owner. This is no “how to" book. Casey gets his readers to examine themselves closely for motivation, personality, style and ability to stay with something for the long haul. A “I’ll try it for a few months or a year and see what happens” mentality is foredoomed to failure.

Learning to view yourself as a “free agent”, as a person who markets your skills and talents to different “buyers”, whether you're self-employed or working for someone else, is a must for a person seeking his or her own way in today’s marketplace. Whether self-employed or working for someone else, you have to be thinking in terms of controlling your own destiny rather than trusting someone else on whom to depend. Casey blends what he says with a wonderful sense of humor, frequently at his own expense. Often I found myself laughing out loud just as I GOT what he was saying.

If you’re thinking about self-employment at all or if you’ve recently been laid off, this book is a must read.”

George Polley,

“This is an extremely well written book. Casey’s direct and to the point approach challenges the readers to determine if they really belong amongst the self-employed.

He also provides a magnitude of insights that will help anyone become successful working for themselves. Buy this book if you have any thoughts of going into business for yourself.”

Bruce Volz

A no-nonsense introduction to the demands of self-employment

“Casey Communications CEO, Paul E. Casey presents Is Self-Employment for You?, a no-nonsense introduction to the demands of self-employment that offers a diagnostic the reader can use to discern whether he or she has the personality and temperament to be their own boss. From how self-employment will affect one’s personal life to capitalizing upon one’s experience and strengths regardless of educational background, to avoiding costly mistakes and earning clients’ respect.

Tips, tricks, and techniques for keeping overhead down, and even the peril of having too much money (businesses have failed because too much capital promoted an illogical drive to spend the extra capital right away on overpriced office space and too many employees). Is Self-Employment for You? is general enough to apply to any would be entrepreneur but offers advice that is right on the nose in response to daily realities.

Highly recommend introductory reading for anyone contemplating starting their own business."

Midwest Book Review

A great read! Perfect for any serious business person

"I loved reading this book. It helped me to take an introspective look into my own business. I’ve been a veteran business owner for about 30 years and I even learned some new things by reading this book. Goes to show you, there is always something new to learn in the world of business. Highly recommended."


Now for a few words from my cousin, Tom Casey. If you can’t trust your cousin, who can you trust?

“The essential challenge for anyone who wants to start a business is not potential failure. It is the recognition that if you don’t pursue this dream, you will be endlessly regretful. In the interest of transparency I am Paul E. Casey’s cousin. In most extended families your relatives are your harshest critics. Certainly this is the case in our clan.

In this spirit, unreservedly I have found Paul’s writings always insightful and provocative. This book, and its predecessor Is Self-Employment for You? provide an excellent foundation for those of us who desire to take the risk of transition of our ideas into commercial reality. When founding Discussion Partners 8 years ago, Paul’s first book was our tutorial for what to and not to do. It was exceptionally beneficial.

'Is Self-Employment for You?' 10 years later - will not make self-employment less scary but as an adventure. It will provide the enlightened platform for asking and answering the “now what” questions.

Tom Casey, Principal
Discussion Partner Collaborative LLC

BTW: Tom has co-authored a book with his nephew Sean Casey and Ariana Pazos Aramburu of Peru by the name of 'The Inflection Point: The Career Guide for Pursuing Opportunities' while Ignoring Restraints. It can be found on Amazon.com.

It is a fascinating read. The book shows, among other things, how critically important organizations and people need to have reflection points based on age and experience.

*Some of the testimonials are from the original book published about 10 years ago. There are really no major diversions or changes from the philosophy presented in the book 10 years ago. The testimonials are still valid.

Paul E. Casey