Get Rich Quick

Why This Question Is Important

By Paul E. Casey

I'm sure you've been exposed to many “Get Rich Quick opportunities. The promise of instant wealth can be seductive. The only people who usually get rich from these quick money schemes are the ones who offer them. Your goal should be to build a business that will last a lifetime. It may take ten or even twenty years. But your business could be the source of better financial security than your day job ever could have possibly been.

In a world where there is no longer any such thing as a traditional career path, where five or six career changes in one lifetime has become the norm for many people, starting your own business may be the best way to achieve security for yourself and your family. But be aware, it will take time! You cannot expect to establish security as a self-employed business owner overnight.

Starting a successful business is not about making the quick buck. Actually, making fast money is contrary to starting a long-term, successful business. It goes against building relationships with your clients and competitors, and tinkering with your concept over an extended period of time. The more money you risk trying to get rich quick, the more money you can lose.

Yesterday, I heard a radio commercial from an individual who was selling a book and CD on how you can get rich in the real estate market. (Good Luck!!!) He claimed that there was absolutely no risk involved and that you would be wealthy within one year. The word “R-I-C-H” was even part of the phone number that you were to call to obtain this magical money-making formula. Whether it’s real estate, a can’t-miss direct marketing scheme, or a video that will make you an overnight positive thinker, we are deluged with infomercials, books, and CDs telling us how we can reverse our misfortunes instantly. I strongly urge you to resist these get-rich temptations. Your odds for instant wealth are higher in Las Vegas. The only people who get rich selling videos and books with this “quick-wealth” approach are the people hawking the schemes.

The mindset of the self-employed business owner should not be geared toward making fast money. It should be geared toward establishing a long-term business that will provide security for you and your family in good times and bad. It may take several (e.g., three to five) years, depending on your product or service, to build your business and make it profitable enough to provide you with better financial security than any job you’ve had before.

Bottom Line: If instant money is your goal, your odds are better in Las Vegas.

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Starting a successful business is not about making the quick buck.