Why this Question Matters

By Paul E. Casey

This is the only question on the test that is black and white. You have absolutely no control on the outcome. You either grew up around someone (i.e. parents, older brother/sister etc.) who were self-employed or you didn’t. I didn’t. My father was a salesman for medium sized company and my mother a home maker.

This question is very important. If you were exposed to someone close to you who had built a business, you have first hand knowledge of what it takes to sustain a business.

You are in a much stronger position to make an informed decision on whether self-employment is something that you want to pursue. You know the late nights, the vacations cut short or canceled because your father/mother had to pay attention to the business. You may have even pitched in to help in the family business from time to time.

If you were exposed to a small business, your decision whether you want to take this step is based on reality. Getting as close to reality as you can is always a good thing. (see pragmatism.)

Bottom Line: I know many people who want absolutely nothing to do with running a small business because they grew up in a family business. There are just as many people who see self-employment as their only option based on observing a small business. If you are one of these people, you have an enormous advantage over the rest of us. Your prospects for success are very high should you decide to take the step into self-employment. You should give yourself an extra ten points on the test.

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Getting as close to reality as you can is always a good thing.